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StayReading.com is termed as “we”, all the visitors, users, learners, contributors, and instructors are named as “users” and the website StayReading.com is termed as “website” everywhere in this document, henceforth.

As a user of website, you must agree to have read the terms of using the website.


The acceptable terms of using StayReading.com apply to all the users.

  • You are granted permission to access the website and its contents only for the purpose of self learning.
  • You are not allowed to translate, republish or print the content of this website until its only for the purpose of self learning or internal training use.
  • You will not use this website to upload any tutorial, diagram, graphic, logo, trademark or any other copyrighted contents belonging to any third party.
  • You will not use contents or a portion of contents of this website for any unethical, unlawful purpose, to promote segregation depending upon gender, age, race, religion, nationality or disability of a person, to defame a person or to violate a person’s right to privacy.


  • We strive continuously to provide as precisely and as timely contents as possible, however, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness, validity, non-obsolescence, non-infringement, non-omission, merchantability or fitness of the contents of this website for any particular purpose.
  • We do not guarantee the timeliness and validity of the information downloaded by the users from our website.
  • We do not guarantee our server machine being free of virus or any harmful malicious programs, where the webpages of smarttechnobiz.com physically reside.
  • We are not responsible, if the information in altered, removed or deleted, after complete or partial downloading of it by the user. Any material downloaded or referred shall be at the risk of the user.


  • We do not guarantee correctness, viability, validity and availability of information displayed on our website in the form of advertisements. We do not guarantee merchantability or fitness of the advertised information for any particular purpose.
  • We declare, the advertisers and their clients or allied partners are neither our agents, nor partners. We do not provide guarantee for any published information on behalf of any of the advertisers and their clients or allied partners.


We are not liable to any user for

  • Loss, injury, claim, liability or damages of any kind, as a result of using tutorials or other information on the website.
  • Special, direct, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever in any way due, as a result of using or inability for using the website or its contents.
  • Any third party websites or contents therein directly or indirectly accessed through links in the Site, including but not limited to any errors in or omissions.
  • The unavailability of our website continuously or for any period of time.


The information available on the Website is intended to be a general information resource regarding the matters covered, and is not tailored to your specific circumstance. You should not construe this as legal, accounting or other professional advice. This Website is not intended for use by minors. YOU SHOULD EVALUATE ALL INFORMATION, OPINIONS AND ADVICE AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE IN CONSULTATION WITH YOUR INSURANCE SPECIALIST, OR WITH YOUR LEGAL, TAX, FINANCIAL OR OTHER ADVISOR, AS APPROPRIATE.


There might be few slip of tongue while recording, since faculties records the sessions for many hours. So use your prudence/general knowledge/general sense to understand the actual meaning (not words) which faculty wanted to explain while teaching in video and ignore the slip of tongue. Try to understand the entire concept, sentence, next sentence, screen objects and even entire video session and ignore the mistaken words or sentences.


We love comments, but any comments which are abusive, spread hatred, are racial, or in any way hurting anyone’s opinions will never be entertained. We keep our comments moderated to maintain the integrity of individuals. We reserve all rights to accept or reject comments.


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As a user of this website, you agree to protect and fully compensate us and our associates, namely, service providers and technology partners, from any and all third party claims, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs, including, but not limited to, all legal expenses, arising from your misuse of our services.


All Legal matters are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.


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